Quick start

This page guides you on how to create, manage, and use your API access effectively.

A large portion of API management happens in the Socios.com API Manager. It requires you to do the following before you can use one of our APIs:

  1. Create a shell application that will host the API parameters you intend to use.

  2. Generate production keys for the application, and select the type of API access you want to have for this application.

  3. Subscribe the application to the relevant API.

Applications allow you to:

  • Generate and use a single key for multiple APIs.

  • Subscribe multiple times to a single API with different Service Level Agreements (SLAs)/business plans which operate on a per access token basis.

Step 1: Log in

If you're a new user and still do not have access to Socios.com APIs yet, please contact your dedicated Partnership Manager, or follow Due Diligence. In time, you will get your access code to log into the Socios.com API Manager.

Once you've logged in, you have access to all of our APIs.

Step 2: Create an application

You must create an application in order to use the Partner API. You can create as many applications as you want.

You might need different applications to differentiate between web apps, mobile apps, or specific devices, if that's relevant to your usage.

To create an application:

  1. Select Applications from the top navigation menu.

  2. Click the Add New Application button.

  3. Enter the required values in the "Create an application" form. Note that you can extend the token duration using the "Application Access Token Expiry Time" field.

  4. Click the Save button.

You will see the "Application created successfully" notification displayed while the browser displays the application management screen.

Your newly created application now appears in the Applications page.

Step 3: Generate keys

You need a consumer key and consumer secret pair in order to access your application. They are the credentials of the application that is being registered.

To create a new set of keys:

  1. Open your application in the Applications page.

  2. Select Production Keys from the left navigation pane. As this application is new, the "Key and Secret" section displays that the keys are not generated yet. Let's do that.

  3. You do not have to edit the form; just make sure to check the box Client Credentials or/and code according to your use. If you check 'Code', you have to specify the callback URL (see below).

  4. Click the Generate Keys button at the bottom of the screen.

You will see the "Application keys generated successfully" notification displayed. Scroll up to see them appear in the "Key and Secret" section.

You can control the way a client accesses your keys by selecting / deselecting checkboxes in the Grant Types parameter. If you are not sure of which Grant Types may best suit your requirements, try selecting all the checkboxes in the Grant Types parameter. You can always come back and uncheck a grant type later if need be.

Step 4: Create a subscription

You must have your application subscribe to a published API in order to use its endpoints. The subscription process fulfils the authentication process and provides you with access tokens that you can use to invoke the API.

A single application can have multiple API subscriptions.

To subscribe to an application:

  1. Open the applications's "Subscriptions" menu item.

  2. Click on "+ Subscribe APIs".

    This will display a dialog box with predefined APIs.

  3. Click on the "Subscribe" button for APIs that are relevant to your requirements.

  4. Close the dialog box when done.

Now the Subscriptions screen displays all your subscriptions attached to that application, indicating which API the subscription refers to.

Deleting subscriptions You can delete a subscription at any given time. To do so, click the Delete link at the right of the subscription's row.

Step 5: Generate an access token

The last step consists in creating an OAuth client for the application. The client is automatically created when you generate an application access token

To generate an access token:

  1. Go to the "Production Keys" screen.

  2. Click the "Generate Access Token" button in the "Key and Secret" section.

  3. A dialog box appears. Read it thoroughly and click "Generate".

  4. Copy the access token and use it in your workflow.

You can now configure your code or toolset to generate API requests.

For instance, here is an example of using Insomnia:

Sample files

To help you with your API development, find below sample files for both Insomnia and Postman:


You are now ready to use your API endpoint!

We advise you to first make a test call using your preferred API development tool, such as Postman or Insomnia. We have built the /ping endpoint specifically to that end.

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