The Socios.com Partner API makes it possible to create personalized and engaging fan experiences, right in your own space.

By getting access to a subset of information about your users along with our fan engagement features, you can create a personalized experience that not only captivates your fans but also fosters a deeper connection, inspiring loyalty and enhancing overall user satisfaction.

Accessing Socios.com fan data requires you to get explicit consent from them.

Here are some ways the API can be used:

  • Bring tailored rewards Offer your fans the convenience of logging into their Socios.com account directly from your platform. By making it possible for fans to access their wallets through your website or app, you can tailor rewards based on their token holdings.

  • Boost fan engagement Incorporate interactive features such as polls, predictors, games, etc. You can incentivize and reward your most loyal and active fans. By integrating the engagement-boosting add-ons provided by Socios.com, you're positioning your platform as a go-to destination for fan-centric interactions.

  • Offer a customized user interface With consent to access Socios.com users' information, wallets, or NFTs, you have the opportunity to customize the user interface of your platform and provide bespoke workflows to the user's CHZ or fan token balance. This way, you can create unique and special experiences, exclusively designed for each user.

  • Rebrand the Socios.com experience Once the Socios.com Partner APIs are integrated on your side, you have the liberty to customize the Socios.com experience in alignment with your brand's style and aesthetics. Reinforce your brand identity while providing an enriched Socios.com experience to your fans!

  • ... and more!

In short, the Socios.com Partner API allows you to give sports fans the ability to access their Socios.com accounts and engage with unique Socios.com features, without leaving your digital environment!

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