User User API

The User API aims to provide all information needed to identify your users and adapt your interfaces according to their information such as user name, avatar, mobile number, and email.

Using the User API

If you're a new user and do not have access to the portal yet, see Prerequisites.

  1. Once you've logged in to the API portal, select User.

  1. Click the Try Out button next to the API URL.

  1. You'll see the following modal, indicating registering steps completed. Click the Try Out button.

  1. On the Security page that is now displayed, OAuth is already selected. Click on the Get Test Key button.


  1. On the Subscriptions page then click on the SUBSCRIPTION & KEY GENERATION WIZARD button.

  1. Then, enter valid details in the Create application form fields:

  1. In the Subscribe to new application step, enter the Application name you want to use. Select a Business Plan from the dropdown menu, and click Next.

  1. On the Generate Keys tab, once you've carefully reviewed the page, select NEXT.

  1. On the Generate Access Token tab, enter a valid description in the Scopes field. Select NEXT.

  1. You can view your newly created subscription under the Subscriptions section.

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