NFT minting endpoints

NFT minting is a bit more complex than other endpoints, because it implies to write data directly on-chain.

This means that:

  • You need a wallet,

  • You have to pay chain fees (gas),

  • You need to know where you want to mint the NFT you will create.


  • Minting: Writing new things (wallets, smart contracts, tokens) on-chain.

  • Fee: When you mint something, you create a transaction on the chain, and this generate fees (also called "chain fees", "gas fees" or "transaction fees") for using the services.

  • Wallet: The blockchain wallet where you funds are stored, and to which your smart contracts are linked.

  • Smart contract: A standardised piece of code that will be executed on-chain in order to create transactions. In the present case, you will be using our NFT smart contract in order to generate new NFTs.

  • Sender: Your wallet, where the NFTs are created.

  • Recipient: The wallet where the NFTs will be minted.


  1. As with all other APIs, you need an access to our API manager. If you are not using any other APIs, you can authenticate via the OAuth - Client Credentials Flow.

  2. You need to inform us, the team, that you want to specifically use the NFT minting feature. This way we can generate a wallet for you in order to store the necessary CHZ to pay the fees and start minting you first NFTs.

  3. You need to add funds in your wallet to pay the gas fees.

Steps to mint an NFT

1. Create a smart contract

You have two possibilities here:

  • mint a smart contract;

  • reuse an already minted smart contract.

Usually, for a new collection, we recommend to mint a new smart contract.

Swagger will be displayed here soon

2. Create a collection

A collection is like a draft of your minting, where you collect all attributes of your futur NFT.

Take into consideration that creating a smart contract might take some time (approximately 2-3 minutes). If you try to create a collection before your smart contract is created you will receive the error "the smart contract is not enabled". In this case, just wait and try again after a couple of minutes.

Swagger will be displayed here soon

3. Upload your asset(s) to the collection

Once the collection is created, you can attach your media asset(s) (images or video) to it.

Swagger will be displayed here soon

4. Mint the collection

Now that everything is reading, you can mint the collection on your wallet or your user's wallet(s) depending of your needs.

Swagger will be displayed here soon

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